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CINEMA 4d Add on

Please I would like the add on cinema 4d to be improved at least for the management of the layer between the two software

Time Tracking

I wish Archicad would incorporate a timer with in the software so we can track time spent on the projects.

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wall Corner

I want the external angles between two walls to be managed as in the example http://giphy.com/gifs/26xBAKnuj6Tklx8T6?tc=1

Distribute Along Entire Element.

Hi Since Archicad can divide an entire element in certain number of divisions ignoring nodes, why can't we distribute objects along entire elements? This is a feature really needed and it will imrove a lot the distribute command. Thanks

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An isolated Construction Method

So, we all know how easy is to make a custom furniture, custom stair, railing or other custom architectural element, using the basic tools of Archicad (walls, slabs, shells, columns, beams, morph...) and then save it as an object and use it in ours p...

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Save rendering settings among ALL projects

Seems TEDIOUS to go setup a rendering SCENE for one project, then have to EXPORT and IMPORT into another project.. Would be nice if this were a more global default? Maybe part of the LOADED LIBRARIES... I also feel the same about SCHEDULES...

Rendering Size User Defaults

In the rendering dialog, there is a place to STORE your custom user settings.... Please follow thru and allow us to save RENDERING SIZES on the back page. I use several "Default" sizes (none of which are in the pull down menus)... Seems easy enough f...

Coordinate object upgrade for schedules

So far in the coordinate object there is a longitude/latitude degree,minute,second variable and from these numbers the object is calculating the displayed value. So to list X Y Z points in schedule this way it is not possible. Please add 3 extra fiel...

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Publish fly-through stills via publisher

In the create fly-through menu you have the option to save the result as still images, in addition to film formats like mp4. However if you choose to render the path via publisher you only have film formats to choose from. A wish from me is to have a...