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General improvement of GDL language needed

It's been a couple of months since I've started studying gdl for specific tools development purposes, but I have been a little disappointed so far because I've found it very incomplete for a BIM coding language (specially a more expensive one compare...

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Naming cameras in the navigator

An absolute bane of my ArchiCAD work is the fact that we can't name cameras. When you place a new camera, it appears after the last camera used. This means you can easily lose your new camera or be left not knowing which one to update to the current ...

Geometry methods for level dimension tool, and Text tool

I noticed that there is not geometry method for level dimension and text. wouldn't be easier to define rotation directly by geometry method instead of defining the rotation angle in the info box? I will give an example you need to put levels on conto...

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"LABEL" cut annotation

I wish a reliable solution to this manipulation As a label attached to the tiles with automatic text for the levels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71eJR0iIB_w

curved elevation

Hello I wish that archicad made a curved cut without too much manipulation as on the video https://youtu.be/hd40jeR5bVo

Microsoft Surface Studio Support

Microsoft has released a new computer called Surface Studio. I have been dreaming about this type of interface for computer drawing for many years. It still runs on a windows platform, so to support it, Graphisoft would just have to provide support f...

jp by Newcomer
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