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clone folder and filter

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It would be very good if there were some filters according to which we can filter what item to be cloned or not.

1. For example sections (or any other item - floors, elevations, interior elevations, worksheets, details ...) have reference ID. In clone folder settings should be option to define which IDs are cloned and which are not.

2. Another way to filter cloned items are layers filtering. All items except floors plans are put on some layer. So in clone setting if there were layer option we could very easily filter cloned items.

3. Third approach is to add a new option to sections, elevations etc. This option would be in tool settings for each item and would enable user to mark it as "auxiliary". In clone setting there should be added option not to clone auxiliary items.

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What happens when you create additional storeys after cloning?

If cloning is set up to be done with additional parameters what will happen if you create storeys/sections/etc w/out proper ID? It will not be cloned. Then you add the ID and the item gets cloned. Automatically it'll rearrange layouts. Then you delete the ID and the layouts change again? Then multiply everything when you have x number of users with the same permissions working in TW...

The solution, IMO, would be to have subfolders in Project Map so that they can be cloned plus it will allow users to group items as needed.
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Stories are not such a problem, but elevations, sections and worksheets.
As I wrote criteria can be layer, so only sections on certain layer are cloned to this folder.
Of course users have to work according to office rules.
I agree that your idea with folders in project map is also good solution, but if user start to put them into wrong folder you still have the same problem as with wrong layering or wrong IDing.

As for IDs criteria would be set for ID range rather than for certain IDs. So adding new ID that is within that range is not the problem.

Layouts are not a problem since you have to arrange them manually.

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