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different sectional fills for walls

firstly - i'm sure that this has been mentioned somewhere in the forum before, but i couldn't find it. i am raising it again because of its importance to me in producing the kind of production information that i currently have to turn out.

so here goes (again):

there has to be the ability to define a different fill for a wall in section from that in plan. we work a lot with masonry construction and until the walls we create can show block coursing in section we will continue to have to redraw sections when we come to produce 1:50/1:20, etc production information.

i'm not entirely sure how this would be implemented - i guess that logically this would be a separate field in the tool settings dialogue, although consideration would have to be given to composites . . . you would not want to define two different composites for the same wall, rather to display a context-aware fill for the same composite.

make sense? useful?
hope so . . .

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Laura Yanoviak
~/archiben wrote:
Laura wrote:
I don't see why your walls can't be represented the same in plan as they are in section.
[I was referring to the specific example given]
~/archiben wrote:
for most applications it's fine. where i've often found myself wanting different fills is in masonry construction - bricks and blocks. it's actually more of a 'level of detail' issue i guess - a lot of our buildings are small enough that we draw at a large(?) scale.

i'm currently using cadimage's rapid detail elements to put block/brick coursing over the wall element's fill - much like the 2D insulation element in the cavities - but it would be nice to be able to configure some kind of 'intelligent fill'. imagine the possibilities . . . ?

This is true -- we use a similar approach with masonry -- and it is a 'level of detail' issue: not really necessary until you get into the larger scales. I can see the benefit (but it would be yet another setting to manage...).
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I think this is a great idea. I asked for esentially the same things except I looked at it a different way. Your request would work for me too. Take a look at my post. I'm going to vote now in favor of your suggestion
Many Thanks, JP

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