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stories - go up/down using ctrl+arrow

is using Project map solely. Would like it to use the view map stories when I'm in view map (and project map when I'm in project map). When I'm on a plan in view map och klicka go up one story I come to the settings in project map (original settings). If I have overridden let's say FPCP in my saved view (using different FPCP for different stories) using go up/down doesn't work and I'll have to double-click the story in the view map. It's far more eays and ergonomical using keyboard.
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I like that Project map retains all the settings when working on a particular aspect. I would agree that it would be nice if the View map settings updated but the problem lies in what you are expecting to see, while GS seem to assume you want the same display settings. I think it would be good for another option, (if it isn't already buried in the shortcuts), that a View map view can be updated by stepping through the View map list in Navigator. It shouldn't be difficult to implement but it would be great for stepping through source drawings for checking.

If there isn't a shortcut then you should create a wish item, I can see it being quite popular!
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Story up / down when using the View Map sounds great though given how you can move things around in the view map and that it does not follow the story system, it would have to be less "Story" up / down but rather "View" up / down. So if you kept going "down" you would end up in your RCPs, elevations, sections, etc.


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