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views outside drawing frame can be seen on all pages

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Good to have all drawings that are imported in plotmaker and placed outside the current layout available in all layouts. I.e. they do not belong to any layout. This way all views can be imported at once and stretched/moved into position without having to move to each layout.

I dont know about everyone else but i never use the option of appending views to new layouts as there are often more than one drawing on each layout. Futhermore this option should not be the default. It should be the last selected option, in my case, place drawings on current layout.

Gidday mate -

With all due respect, does it really matter if it's on a sheet or not?

You can simply drag drawings from one sheet to another in the Navigator right, so if the sheet that you originally import them onto references a particular master, is it all that inconvenient?

Also, no matter where you place your views, you can select them all in Drawing Usage and edit their settings as a 'group'.

I wish that there was better layer control for the master sheets. Say if the layer settings for any drawing placed on a master was directly controllable in PlotMaker, then we could use PlotMaker's layer dialog to control what was visible on the masters. Then we could effectively switch between different titleblocks and still have them linked to a project. This would also mean that any images (ie logos) would be placed on layers too, which is currently not possible.

Just my two cents. Hope all is well back home.


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Agreed it is not essential but these types of small things often make programs more effecient, rather than the more dramatic changes that ArchiCAD are often the leaders in. Having different options of doing things is a great attribute for any program to have.

I see the way the layout sheets work & masters the same as Adobe Pagemaker. When you are setting up alot of pages you simply place all the images outside the current sheet then drag them in as you change sheets, saves you time, be that a small amount on few pages, but on alot of pages, a significant amount of time.

Furthermore i would like newly imported views to be placed to outside of the layout page. If i import 10 views, they are all stacked on top of each other, not very logical.

Good point on the master sheets, i would also like to see this happen. I used this system in the ArchiCAD 7.0 to turn different scale bars and legends on and off. You should post it as a separate wish.

P.S. it is G'Day.

You cockroaches!

From http://www.aussieslang.com:

misc:- the universal Australian friendly greeting, as in hello. A shortened form of "Good Day". See also G'day.

misc:- the universal Australian friendly greeting, as in hello. Pronounced "Gidday", a shortened form of "Good Day". See also Gidday.

Thanks for the tip though!


(Originally Noosa Heads, Qld).

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