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7 important functions for Archicad

Radek Vybihal

I send in atachment 7 important functions for Archicad.

I called the points: Why this doesn´t work, dear Archicad developers? Why?

I believe that at least some points will appear in the next version od Archicad.



Nice simple points. Nothing about rocket science. Simple tools need way more attention in AC.


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Laurentiu C

A bunch of them are in the idea pool of the roadmap but it's cool that you brought them up.

Keep the ideas coming and let them know 🙂

1. Enhancement: Flexible End Cuts of Beams - is on the roadmap 

2. Consistency: Place Openings in more element types - is on the roadmap

3. Skin-by-Skin Design - is on the roadmap

4. Edge offset in section - is a good idea, they should consider it.

5. Carpentry joints - beam tool is only limited to segments right now, but it's a cool idea.

6. Slab slope- I don't know if this would work for the slab tool but I do understand your point.

7. Split-level - is on the roadmap, this would probably help manage multiple buildings with different floor heights.

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James B

The Edge Offsets are possible through Profile Modifiers - which gives you a fine tune way to control edges of Walls, Columns and Beams (and schedule/label these as well).

We want to avoid adding too much feature duplication/overlap, but understand the need for a solution especially with Roof and Slab edges.

As mentioned, the majority of these are already on our road map.

James Badcock
Graphisoft Senior Product Manager

Yes, I know that the edge offsets are possible with Profile Modifiers, but this is not user friendly. This function will be much easier in the sandwich (in cuts, ground floor etc.). Enable this function for roof/desk tool. 

This is not a critism of your work, but and idea for improvement. An effort to improve software Archicad. Pay more attention to modeling tools. Modeling needs to be easier and without limitations. All my 7 ideas will help make better Archicad.

Thank you.