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A humble wish for christmas 2020

Dear Santa Claus,

2020 was a pretty exhausting year. Nevertheless I had always been well-behaved and listened to the support. Even if sometimes it didn't work out or I had to find the solution myself in the end, I never talked bad about Archicad and always held up the GS flag. Even when I was forced to work with the Oh-God-I-get-sick-Revit (only for a short time, honestly) I did not stray from the right path! After all I am a real ArchiCAD-Ultra!
So I wish you would take the wishes of your users and customers to heart, read it through, separate the useful from the superfluous and instead of a version 25 release a version 24.5 which eliminates old and new bugs, finishes programming functions and makes ArchiCAD the best AEC tool.


Your Torben

P.S. And if you don't make it all in the 24.5; no big deal. There is still a 24.6, 24.7, ...
P.S.S. The original post was made in the German Archicad Forum. I decided to publish this article here as well, because I hope that maybe a Graphisoft employee will read this article and make it his task to fulfill this small wish. Because it was a shitty year and we have earned it!

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