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AC## update - "List of Improvements"


I was just wondering in the "List of Improvements" for updates, if we might in addition to the list of DEF-#### entries start to see actual "Improvements" listed e.g. IDEA-####?


It might offer a little more reassurance that Graphisoft doesn't just spend all its time fixing bugs between annual releases. It would also help users identify the improvements so they aren't just buried until we trip over them.

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Let’s consider eliminating defects or translating ideas into real features are all improvements, the only big mistake is to lose your way so if this list contains a real correction to mistakes that’s called improvement.

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Karl Ottenstein

I so agree, after reading Noémi's article here:

listing all of the new things arriving in Update 2 - and presumably the now-available Preview build 6000...


vs the List of Improvements for that build, which only includes fixed defects.  I would certainly think that a new feature is an "Improvement" 🤔

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