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AI as a way to optimize routines and workflows.


There is a lot of talk about using AI to render and create images.


I see that AI would bring great benefits if it could learn from the user's work routine, shape and suggest commands and processes according to the object to be modeled.


AI could also be used to optimize the modeling and documentation workflow by predicting and suggesting useful program features capable of performing such modeling.

For example, a field with pre-established options where Archicad asks the user:
"What do you want to do:
and etc..."

And AI acts as a guide through the workflow to execute the chosen task.

Arquiteto e Urbanista from Brasil

Yes - the focus on image generation is a shortsighted marketing move. As noted in Criteria Expression Manager I personally think that natural language prompted selection would be a perfect stepping stone for the introduction AI into AC workflows as part of a development of the already prevalent criteria functionality. The developer who enables the designer to explore the model just as we speak about the model will take a huge lead moving forward. Offering yet another AI generated image - not so much.

Rogerio M

I totally agree.
Unfortunately, the industry has been using AI in a picturesque way, almost as if it were a magical tool to make dreams come true. What would really make a difference in our lives is AI assisting with our day-to-day tasks, especially the time-consuming ones.
It would be amazing if AI could automatically position various favorite labels on elements of various classification types across those 400+ views.

Windows 10 Pro, Intel i7-9700 3.0GHz, 32Gb, RTX 2060
Archicad 27 BRA 5003

How many commands and features currently exist in AC?

How many different ways can these features be used to achieve the same result?

How long does it take to learn how to productively concatenate functionalities and commands until reaching the final result: an architectural model with its documentation?

The predictive capacity of AI seems to be a way to organize and optimize workflows supported by best practices that are already consolidated.

Arquiteto e Urbanista from Brasil

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