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Add On-for electronic Plan Check Submittal and Permits

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We are beginning to see the possibility of submitting plans to the building officials electronically.

I know others are working on this issue. Someday we could become a "paperless" industry.

The biggest hurdle for the plan checkers is that they can not see the "whole" plan on a 19" monitor. It is very difficult for them to navigate around a project by zooming in and out to read notes and dimensions.

This suggests that some sort of Add On program for project submittals could be useful.

We are thinking of Hot-Links and of a Matrix of Code Issues. A plan checker might simply pass his mouse over a Matrix item, "Path of Egress" for example, and that would "light up" for him. Same for electric circuiting, or for mechanical/air handling, or for windows, or for insulation, or for structural system.

A Plan Check Matrix might be lengthy, but mostly linked to drawings as a schedule like the window schedule.

The issue of Permitting and Approvals will never go away. It is sad that we are not using the advantages of digital and of electronic communications with building officials.

Further, in San Diego we must submit plans to several departments: Planning, Traffic, Airport Overlay Zone, Long Range Planning, Coastal Review, Structural, Mechanical, Building Safety, etc. There is no need to print fifty sheets of drawings for a Zoning Set. In fact, a Zoning Review could be entirely electronic very easily, checking Parking, Setbacks, Area Ratio, Address/Zone, Lot Dimensions, etc.

Areas of the plans could be "marqui'd" and sent with notes when clarifications are needed by the Building Official.

What have others done in this regard? Are you thinking along these lines in your cities?

Apparently the Bilbao Guggenheim was a "paperless" project. Why can't all our projects be paperless?
Rick Thompson
Just knowing what is on GS's platter, I would rather see this as an API
Rick Thompson
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