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2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Add ability to quickly rotate components by 90°

Professor Pickle

I don't know about you but I rotate stuff by 90° all the time. And it's a real pain. There should be a way to quickly rotate a component by 90° with a keyboard shortcut.

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Most other CAD and BIM programs already have this out of the box, and yes it's a little embarrassing that you don't have the option in Archicad.


It does however re-highlight the often brought up idea or wish of having Macros in Archicad.

The ability to record a series of commands and wrap them up  as custom commands accessible as hot-key command or custom palette buttons.

Like you have in programs like Maya and Rhino.


You could then record the "Rotate" + "(90, -90, 180)" as a macro command, and even  customize it by having intervening degrees (30 (plus its multiples), 45 (plus multiples,.....etc.)) as fits your job functions.


Of course this would just be but one subset of a user-defined and created Macro command


You could have Macros for 'Select' (with specified properties), transform (as above with rotate, or drag/move, elevate,...etc), ........

The combinations could be almost limitless.




Hello, i created a addon for this. There are two actions: Rotate selected element clockwise 90 degrees and anti clockwise 90 degrees. You can bind each action to any desired key from Work Environment -> Keyboard Shortcuts. Let me know if you are interested and I'll happilly share the addon with anyone.