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Add built-in spell checker for Windows

Professor Pickle
We need spell checking that's built into the software and doesn't have any external dependencies, because 21st century. That and comparing words on computers automatically is really easy. Come on folks, let's have a built-in spell checker already. Telling me that I need to buy MS Word, just for spell checking to work is ridiculous!
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Not applicable
Can we also get spell checking while typing like every other modern software has been doing for years!
Ghaleb Khadra
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Hi All,

Thank you for requesting this feature, and for your active participation on the forums.

I am happy to say that we have added this into our Wish database.
As reference, the Wish number is 12511

Thank you all for sharing your ideas with us, and thank you all who voted.

[Stay Active. Stay Awesome ]
Kind regards,
Ghaleb Khadra
BIM Expert

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Hi Ghaleb - Is there any updates in implementation of a built in spell checker? 



Many thanks for reading.


Chris S
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