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Add sub element option to selection criterias

Mats Knutsson

I'd like the option to deselect all sub elements in schedules etc. It's too time consuming having to enter all the sub elements of railings, stairs etc. Very often the user need to check everything (except these detailed ones) so selecting only the element type you watt to appear in the schedule is equally time consuming and bad ergonomics.


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Can't wait to have that functionality. 'til then, an expression property can exclude all the sub-elements.






Kei Mito

Architect | Graphisoft Certified BIM Manager
ArchiCAD 26 & 27 JPN USA & INT | Windows 10

That is a cool work around Kei!


So you're thinking of [ [Element Type] [is/is not] [Subelement] ], where "Subelement" would need to be listed with "All Types, 2D..., 3D..., Subelement"?


I might be inclined towards also adding [Element Type Name] with description filters to match the others e.g. [Contains] or [Starts with] etc, but the element naming may need revised so that they are prefixed e.g. "Railing - Baluster" rather than the inconsistent "Baluster (Railing)" v "Column Segment" to enable differentiation in the name filtering by the "-" separator. That way you can quickly pull up all parts of an element group e.g. Pipes or Ducts etc, (when GS get the latest iteration of MEP working).


This is another area that needs GS to start thinking in hierarchical systems & filtering e.g. quickly separating out Architectural, MEP or Structural Elements.

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Yes about: So you're thinking of [ [Element Type] [is/is not] [Subelement] ]

I made a little adjustment in my previous response. It actually didn't need to be IFS. I also added (Curtain Wall) in the expression. just wanted to make it a better reference.. cheers.

Kei Mito

Architect | Graphisoft Certified BIM Manager
ArchiCAD 26 & 27 JPN USA & INT | Windows 10

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