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Allow default layout to be set for each subset

Robert Nichols

Please allow for DEFAULT LAYOUT selections for each subset. With this feature in place, I could actually benefit from the promise of being able to specify a default. Floor Plan layouts would automatically get a single sheet, Details would get a gridded sheet, SK drawings would get the correct 8.5x11 sheet. 


Currently, I just specify the most commonly used layout as the default, but for less common layouts, of which I have several, I have to create the layout from inappropriate default master, then scroll through a long pop-up list to select the correct master, even through I've always known what format belongs within any given subset.



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Gerry Leonor

yep -- i'm all for this.


this can be useful for large multi-tenancy projects where we have a Key Plan with a little Fill that highlights the location of the drawing, or to highlight which Tenancy the drawing is referring to. or if we have different tenants & we've been instructed to include each tenant's logo for any drawing that includes their building (each tenant needing to have it's own Master).

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This hark back to a GS's seemingly limited understanding of hierarchical data management and its enormous benefits for efficiency and they should really go through all folder-item structures in AC to see what settings can be set at folder and overridden at item. Layout info should also be possible to set at folder level.

I think, (and this may be a cross language issue), but historically GS's hierarchical data management was brilliant, you can't see it so much now because our needs have grown and the program has bloated, but if you dig deep enough there are still traces in the code that should have evolved. I do fully agree that the current development strategy of data management is badly lacking in any kind of hierarchical efficiency. It is ironic considering the program seems to be driven/developed by software engineers rather architects these days, that given their aptitude for sub routines & called functions to maximise efficiency we seem to have ended up with a bloated and grossly inefficient drawing package.

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