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Apply a complex roof sheeting profile to a custom shell or morph roof


I was hoping that Archicad would be advanced enough by now to be able to “Apply a complex roof sheeting profile to a custom shell or morph roof” ? 

I am sure there maybe be a few work arounds to accomplish this and even a GDL method or two ?

Why are we spending so much time collaborating with engineering apps and MEP when we could be focusing on improving the Archicad 3D modeling capabilities. Unfortunately we shoot ourselves in the foot when we are not correctly balanced.


When we improve Archicad enough and fine tune its 3D modeling capabilities, the rest will take care of itself, so to speak. They will all come running to Archicad for 3D modeling and leave the Autodesk apps for engineering.


I am sure we will get there soon enough !


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Not sure how soon you think you're getting there...


One of the things that really attracted me to Graphisoft in the first place is the passion and the loyalty of the ARCHICAD user base. As an outsider, it was a little bit of a mystery to me. I was pleasantly surprised by how well-run the company is and how solid the software is. That passion and that loyalty of the user base is basically because the company really knows how to make software and really knows how to service its customers. So, I think that is a great platform for this company to grow from. We’ve solved the hard part,” Roberts explained. “Now, it will be about improving on marketing and improving some of our go-to-market strategies, partnering with other companies, leveraging innovations in technology. That can’t be done if you don't have a great backbone and platform to work from.

Huw Roberts - Apr 24 2019


Shame the wheels fell off over the last five years, while they focussed on marketing...


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Makes it quite clear where and why things started to go sideways. Rather tragicomic that it is Huw Roberts that serve us this reference for evaluating the work done under his lead with devastating result: a new CEO wanting to remain credible would't dare to say something like that today.  So whats the plan for the next five years - with apathic and disloyal subscribers and a crippled backbone and sinking platform?

It makes perfect sense @DGSketcher with your reference above. Microstation or Bentley as it is now known, is 3D software specifically designed for engineering. 

What if a new CEO was from the companies responsible for Twinmotion or Enscape ? What then ? The development course could be very different.


We cannot control who the CEO of GS is but we can be patient and see what else they can bring to the table for Architects. Like the old marketing campaign “Archicad is Software Designed for Architects”. Not for engineers as we see it.


Edit: Many of us are looking forward to see how Design Guides will be improved along with Physically Based Rendering in AC28. I also look forward to editing on a Skin by Skin basis in the future. I believe they will definitely also address my question above soon enough as well, till then we just use our work arounds. 3CAD modeling of buildings is a complicated business, especially when designs are becoming increasingly more complex.

AC8.1 - AC27 ARM AUS + CI Tools
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