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Archicad 25 update 7000 (problems)


All problems remain from the beginning. 😡

This is already annoying, because the problems are significant and not solved for the second year! I have repeatedly reported to the office and wrote on the forums, even before the last three updates! The problems went to Archicad 26 


1. The special text flies off if another user looks at it in the layout or view. "Screenshot 1"

2. The height marker with the "custom start" parameter ("Screenshot 2") on layouts ("Screenshot 3") does not work and shows a value from project zero! (The problem is not just Teamwork, anyone in a blank project can check it.) 

3. On reamers and slices, the dimensions that are attached to the active points of the "axis element" disappear. A colleague's layout does not have these dimensions ("Screenshot 4"). They only appear after opening the view ("Screenshot 5") and going back to the layout! Automatic view update is on! 


And I have all these problems... 


Dear developers, please give at least some feedback!

Karl Ottenstein

@Funtic and @BoNgO  - this post makes absolutely no sense to me - no doubt an issue with translating into English.  It would be hard for technical support to do anything if they do not understand what you are saying is not working.


For example "Special text flies off" means nothing to me


"reamers and slices" means absolutely nothing to me


Your best approach is to contact your local technical support which can speak the same language as you to understand any issue you have and either help you solve it ... or in the case of a bug, enter it into the bug database.

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