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Archicad 26 Internet Security Updates, Activation/Authentication, BIMx Cloud


Dear Archicad Development,

We are using ArchiCAD26 with Internet based Activation and Authentification as well as BIMx. We are not able to logon to Graphisoft ID because our Proxy blocks your Chromium Components based on a Version 87.x that is nearly 2 yrs old!

In a world, where Internet Security is mandatory to companies it should be also a must for a Software that relies on Internet connection to use the most recent components for communication.

In short:

  • In your actual software ArchiCAD26 you use a framework of Chrome (CEF v87.x) that had been released latest in Jan 2021. 
  • Meanwhile Chrome is at Version 105.x which is lightyears farther in a digital century and Chrome is updated weekly due to internet security reasons
  • It is good that you rely on a proven and well maintained framework as long as you follow their updates

So our enhancement requests:

  • Please for security reasons keep your Chrome Frameworks and other Internet connection related components updated to nearly the most recent version. Think of the log4j Issue earlier this year.
  • Please plan contiguous security updates in you product roadmap - its more than a unique selling point.

Because of our companies security level we cannot activate the Archicad Software or must do that every 30 day with workaround in unsecure environments. That limits the usability we payed for. Dongle is not an option! Proxy exception is NOT an option!


Thank you in advance



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