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Archicad Bug Tracker


I really think there should be a public bug tracker with bug IDs, status, notes, etc.


As someone who has reported many bugs over the years and has had many negative experiences, it is apparent that such a tool would be very helpful if not essential. I can't track any of the bugs I've launched, I can't refer to any bugs, there are so many problems caused by the lack of a public resource. Sometimes I am given a bug ID (if I am lucky enough for Graphisoft to acknowledge the bug) and even then, I do not know what has actually been logged.


Archicad still is buggy and I can't speak positively about how Graphisoft deals with these bugs. A bug tracker would help restore some of the trust. It would also allow us to look up bugs to avoid redundancy if the bug has already been lodged.


The system is better in the beta, however some bugs I log in there are put into a backlog and then I never hear about them again.


Unreal Engine has a bug tracker for example.

Even gaming projects like Tamriel Rebuilt have a nice bug tracker.

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