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Archicad Future, 27 Poll


Archicad 26 was released yesterday, personnally i'm disappointed of how Archicad is slowly developped in the last 4 years, the pandemic has it' effects on business for sure, but we expected more since earlier versions used to bring nice and cool features, 


I created this tread for users who have ideas, suggestions, propositions for the next release, we may express our thoughts, and give guidelines for development team, Graphisoft is listening, i'm sure, 


For me, the most important thing to in an urgent way is to stop this multilingual installers strategy, 

Archicad 26 is released, all the world can download it with a multilangual installer,  : 

1 - download and install in a preferred langue, 

2 - open Archicad using your template, or download a template from the website, almost of us migrate tempaltes from older versions, resellers template  are useful for new users, 

3 - libraries also can be dowloaded from website, this will help in 2 things : lignter installers, and libraries are accessible for everyone especially when user works for foreign companies, .


this way, development and bug fixes will be focused on 1 installer, not 10, 




Archicad strategy is to implement several disciplines, let's admit this, 

For users , Architects, engeneers, drafters, commands and disciplines should be seperated and organized in different way, so we don't feel abused with unecessary command, 

yes Archicad offer possibility to organise commands in the work environnment, but the saved commands layout will be a mess when upgrading to newt version wich contain new commands, 

why not,  from a buttons menu you can activate ad desactivate disciplines commands.




You said in the webinar, Focus on design, Archicad tools are really good and that's why we stick to Archicad , BUT aren't fully baked, workarounds and illogic solutions are always there to disturb the workflow, think about new users, workarounds make them feel uncomftable, saying, " this simple situation needs a workaround, whatabout complex ones ?? " 


each tool have major / minor things to update, tweak , to get a good design toolbox for daily work, 

to attract users, Archicad should easily be able to help designing a residentiel or midscale projects without workarounds, this kind of project is where users start exploring the software, if it fails, users will start searching around for alternatives, 

make the product a complete solution for architects, 




i think , Archicad 27 should be the " NO workarounds version "   ,make architects life easier, to focus on design , then you can go ahead for structural and MEP workflows, 

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Jim Allen

The problem I think is that GS have a view on development for Archicad which is not fully aligned with what users want.


This means they have allocated resources accordingly, and there is no team to deal with the stuff we want addressed because they are all working on the engineering capability that we don't need.


GS should have employed additional coders to either build the engineering function, or backfill the architectural team.


What has clearly happened, is that they have moved people from their core team to implement the engineering elements and all but ignored the architectural discipline.


We won't have too long to wait for Archicad 27, but if it's another meagre offering, I'm not going to be happy and might have to reconsider my subscription options.


I haven't bothered with AC26 because the benefits are not worth the time and effort of upgrading the whole office and our templates.

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@mthd wrote:

You guys on this forum and administration ought to be commended for how you run things in such a professional manner. I feel more comfortable to ask my questions over here than I did on other forums.


All good.

Thank you.

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Ideally if GS told us, they were up implementing the engineering functions (which are of very little use for architects) for the next 3 years and asked users for feedback prior to this.

I understand the rules of the market, but making the decision on paying subscription without any knowledge on the development plans of AC is a bit frustrating.

If they were fair and said, they need time to make some major changes to the software to make it competitive and more powerful, I wouldn't mind paying subscription for 3 years even if I got almost nothing instead, like we have now.

I lack very general knowledge on what is going on to the program and where are we going.

I agree that there should have been transparency with their intentions of allocating resources (both R&D-wise and financially from our SSA) to engineering features. However, I would have strongly voiced the opinion that it wouldn't have been acceptable to allow the core features for architecture to be moved to the back burner as they were.

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Thank you Laszlo for your effort and desire to make our community better.  I hope some of those things will be seen in AC 27.

Taylor 2023

Scheudles work very slow in Archicad 26. If I even change manufacturer or description it updates  very long time and this what should be advantage becomes disadvantage. I think it's because AC update information in library objects but that make work on scheudle not responsive.


It would be really great that we as architect could have a simple Zone tool.

To be precise, we are unable to create in architecture way measures table's. We need to learn and to thick xxxxx number of options and to think about xxxx things if we want a schedules of net and gross areas.


but to do this is very simple:
1. We just need a tool, where we can custom name or predefined or to create favourites of room names.

2. That tool must have few options. 

2a. Net area (or a option to thick that we are focusing on that space)

2b. Room name (which will be automaticaly placed or placed a number in floor plan)

2c. Perimeter

2d. Select on which story and apartament name it belongs.

2e. Floor gross or apartament gross


3. Option to create table with custom name fields. I will give example:

3a. First row room number

3b. Second row Room name

3c. Net area

3d. Floor surface material name

3e. Wall surface material name

3f. Ceiling surface material name


4 . than we need a sum option to sum net areas of one apartament ...and to make a sums of many others in the same floor plan of one of the story's

5. To calculate all the sum of the net areas of the aparaments of that story and to custom choose what to sum like to select what cell to sum - like in excel

6. To auto calculate gross of the floor plan.


Every architect major job is areas calculations, now it can be done with to many work with multiple and merged schedules and that is a much complicated job.


here is the example of one of that table of measures but in my language but you can all figure out the point. These days I loose days to write and to draw tables manually and input text and calculate manually in architecture software !?!?!?!?




Than it would be nice to create some sumarized table:


As you all can see in this post I started it is a nuclear sience to do this....

But this is so basic for every architect, so basic stuff





All you need is the zone lists area calculation schedule with the format you have outlined above or the ability to modify it according to your requirements. 


I found this video online about zone list schedules but I don’t know how far you can go with this to make it do what you want above ?




You are wanting a automatic schedule to produce the results you have above ?

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Dear friend thank you for the effort, but this goes as far as it is one appartment floorplan or something like that. If its multi apartament and if you also want to divide apartament as it should be by living space and other techincal rooms + terraces...there starts another hell circle for you because because than it interfiers with the building corridor or hallway, staircases etc...than it calculates also with that spaces...it is so painfull process and you need to assign so much parrameters and schedule only do arrange it with the one parameter....and the easiest way is to put many schedules, crop, divide them on layouts etc...or there is some 3rd party complicated plug in...

But this is so needed my friend. No I do not exract it...I just draw table by lines and fill it with text tool.


All that Architect need is the 3 Excel operations, sum, choose what to sum in table and choose multi criteria schedule.


Task is simple in multi storey building I have multiple appartaments named A1- A15...I need schedule that is listed by appartament name A1-15 . In A1 section I want all rooms listed by numbers 1-5, than inside walls living rooms area (I call it net area)- Sum than 6-8 (numbers for terraces- this means there are 3 terraces with room number 6,7,8- because In my country we do not write names of rooms in floorplan), than sum of just terraces, than appartament net...than all this of next appartament...and at end all staircases and corridors, or hallways as chapter (like A1described above) than all appartament grand sum. If someone can do this and screen record it for me...i dont know, but will be so gratefully to that person, and would be happiest man alive.

You have to make schedules with the properties you need.  It is not a problem.  And in the classification, give them space marks.  You can also export such schedules and use them on any other project

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