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Archicad Future, 27 Poll


Archicad 26 was released yesterday, personnally i'm disappointed of how Archicad is slowly developped in the last 4 years, the pandemic has it' effects on business for sure, but we expected more since earlier versions used to bring nice and cool features, 


I created this tread for users who have ideas, suggestions, propositions for the next release, we may express our thoughts, and give guidelines for development team, Graphisoft is listening, i'm sure, 


For me, the most important thing to in an urgent way is to stop this multilingual installers strategy, 

Archicad 26 is released, all the world can download it with a multilangual installer,  : 

1 - download and install in a preferred langue, 

2 - open Archicad using your template, or download a template from the website, almost of us migrate tempaltes from older versions, resellers template  are useful for new users, 

3 - libraries also can be dowloaded from website, this will help in 2 things : lignter installers, and libraries are accessible for everyone especially when user works for foreign companies, .


this way, development and bug fixes will be focused on 1 installer, not 10, 




Archicad strategy is to implement several disciplines, let's admit this, 

For users , Architects, engeneers, drafters, commands and disciplines should be seperated and organized in different way, so we don't feel abused with unecessary command, 

yes Archicad offer possibility to organise commands in the work environnment, but the saved commands layout will be a mess when upgrading to newt version wich contain new commands, 

why not,  from a buttons menu you can activate ad desactivate disciplines commands.




You said in the webinar, Focus on design, Archicad tools are really good and that's why we stick to Archicad , BUT aren't fully baked, workarounds and illogic solutions are always there to disturb the workflow, think about new users, workarounds make them feel uncomftable, saying, " this simple situation needs a workaround, whatabout complex ones ?? " 


each tool have major / minor things to update, tweak , to get a good design toolbox for daily work, 

to attract users, Archicad should easily be able to help designing a residentiel or midscale projects without workarounds, this kind of project is where users start exploring the software, if it fails, users will start searching around for alternatives, 

make the product a complete solution for architects, 




i think , Archicad 27 should be the " NO workarounds version "   ,make architects life easier, to focus on design , then you can go ahead for structural and MEP workflows, 

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Hi, I hope this post might help ? You could also ask the community admin on this post how he would go about what you are describing above. If it can be done now or whether to ask it on the wish part of the forum.




Thank you friend.

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1. It would be great on the part of the developers to make an actual list-voting wishes from users with the most frequent request. And as users select, promptly add users' selections to the priority list for updates!

2. Slow solution to obvious problems and bugs.
3. Some bugs last for more than one year and carry over to new versions.
4. Version 26 is a disappointment even more than 25, on top of other old glitches and bugs from 25 added and not checked the new graphics engine (graphics have become rough and unpleasant looking on the plans and sections) errors with the display of fonts. Which indicates a rushed release without tests.

Jim Allen

Actually I think Archicad works just fine for small residential projects. Have you seen Jared Banks's Shoegnome Architects site? 



He has lots of tips and tricks for precisely this kind of thing. He's extremely capable with Archicad, and if you haven't seen any of his videos, I'm absolutely sure you'll learn something.


I hear lots of people complaining that AC isn't suitable for this, that and the other. The truth is, that despite its flaws (and I've also been quite open in articulating my frustrations) it is.


That doesn't mean that it couldn't be better, but lots of people seem to be bemoaning the fact that it doesn't work as well as application X for doing Y.


This is to an extent a valid criticism. Let's take the Morph tool for example. Extruding along a path with points in 3 dimensions (different X,Y & Z points) with curved segments is a bit of a ball ache compared with even SketchUp.


It's not that Archicad is fundamentally unable to do this, but that getting the right results, predictably and easily is really hard and cumbersome by comparison with SketchUp or Rhino.


Create your path, create your shape, click to extrude, point at the path and it should (and could)  just work. If a relatively unsophisticated modeller like SketchUp can do it pretty much perfectly every time, Archicad really ought to be able to.


Problem is - it doesn't. You can't do it with beams because you can't have curved inclined segments. You can't do it with railings because they are unpredictable (particularly with curved segment corner joins in 3d space, and don't even work well for some types of simple handrails) and morphs are well - horrible for this.


However I think a lot of the wishes for tools to operate like they do in other software are not necessarily practical. My point about morphs absolutely is though!


Multilingual installers however are the most efficient way of distributing software. the extra time and effort involved in creating and documenting multiple installers is far better spent improving functionality. I was involved in software development for over a decade. You may disagree, but I'm afraid I'm correct here 😉


I'm in complete agreement over templates and library management.


Updating templates is a pain, and I think unnecessarily so. Same goes for workspaces.


The current library workflow was designed waaaay before fast internet and cloud computing was a thing. Packaging components in Libraries makes no sense to me, but there are lots of other users here who are far more knowledgeable about Archicad than me who may disagree.


Without the built in libraries however, the installers should be a lot smaller.


What would also be cool would be libraries for things like favourites. I once created a raised planter using the railing tool - it worked beautifully, and everything was fully parametric.


There are lots of users who are amazingly good at creating things like graphical overrides, stairs and railings that take a bit of time and effort to configure effectively. Even things like pensets, and linetypes (I created some for brick gauges) property sets, MVOs, 3D styles etc can be configured really nicely, and many of us are happy to share.

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Jared Banks has some excellent material resources online for residential work. He is a master of Archicad for that type of profession. I have seen some of his video tips and I have learned many things from them.


In the US they have a certain common style of timber frame building and for me I would find it much more simple to use Chief Architect in the US for those types of residential buildings. That program is specifically built for that purpose and it is faster and more complete than Archicad is for that specific purpose. Jared amazes me at how he can quickly do all those things with just Archicad.


However I much prefer Archicad with CI tools for my region as I can get down to a finer model detail. CI tools are specific for Australia and New Zealand. You have allot more control in Archicad and can create a much higher level of customization of a home with it.


The more complicated the shape of a building becomes the more likely that you will eventually need another app to work with Archicad like Rhino and others. Archicad is certainly capable of more complicated shapes but the way design is going they are becoming more and more complex these days. Architecture is more and more becoming Sculpitecture, all good fun for those who get to do those types of projects.

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@Laszlo Nagy  wrote:

I write a summary every week and I send it to dozens of recipients within Graphisoft. (...)  What I want to say with this is that what you guys discuss in these forums DOES reach the relevant people at Graphisoft.

I presume you do much more than a summary for GS of what is going on here, on the forum ! 😁




To be correctly and directly heard from GS, you would need the forum to be in Hungarian. So Lazlo would have to translate our information from English into Hungarian and some of it can be lost along the way, if English is not your main language. Those that can make clear wishes in Hungarian will naturally be heard more readily than us like it or not.


I guess if we could use more pictures and diagrams to clearly explain what we want in English, along with the AC GUI, we might be able to get our wishes across more readily ?

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@mthd wrote:

To be correctly and directly heard from GS, you would need the forum to be in

Have you never wondered why all of the online launches, web events, youtube videos, learning tutorials, even this community, is all English language?

The folk at Graphisoft all speak very good English and it is their preferred language for communication.



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I agree Barry, always experienced excellent communications from everyone at Graphisoft

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That’s true but it is always better in your native language, maybe we could ask some of them if they understand things better in their own native language ? In the end we just want the program to do things better or faster for us like I do. Then we all have more time to play and write silly comments here lol !







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Many of the people at Graphisoft HQ are not even Hungarian.

Hence English is the common language.



One of the forum moderators.
Versions 6.5 to 26
Dell XPS- i7-6700 @ 3.4Ghz, 16GB ram, GeForce GTX 960 (2GB), Windows 10
Lenovo Thinkpad - i7-1270P 2.20 GHz, 32GB RAM, Nvidia T550, Windows 11

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