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Archicad updates 25 (Will they do an actual user-friendly updates?)


I really really hope that Archicad will bring this year "an actual" improvements. Since the Archicad 25, I have to say a lot of things changed, in a bad way. Things that were before automatic, user friendly, are now PITA... (CTRL+F) aka selecting same group now became a nightmare (before I could select all furniture, all windows... no forget it to be that easy right now, you have to select all manually in a box like in 90's). Another issue I noticed is missing setting where all furniture could have transparent background, it is not there anymore either (or I can't find it). And then, I can't turn off minimal space for furniture anymore either, I have to do all manually... Or the 10click way to convert from imperial and metric system? How less convenient using Archicad can be? I can't even color change layer if I want to, I have to change a whole pen set... meaning if I use that color in 10 different layers, oh well, there will be changed too. 


This being said, I am only a general user for architecture and design, I don't create planes or anything "difficult" (luckily) and therefore I am not willing to participate in wasting my time with things that should be "ALREADY" simplified/automatized many years ago. With the price upgrade that is coming this year, I am truly considering going different direction, like Revit... if things simply don't actually improve towards usage and saving time. 


PS: if anyone have solution to some of my current nightmares that I just can't seem to figure out, Please share. :((


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I'm not aware of any changes in 25 vs prior versions in the issues that you raise.  Some of those things are easily (?) done... but posting all of them in one post makes answering them of little use to others with the same issue.  If some things in your list are things you'd like to hear solutions to, please post a new thread with just that one issue as the subject line.


(On the color-of-layer issue... Archicad has never had a color / pen per layer concept... that would be AutoCAD.)

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Regarding Minimal space, this is controlled globally from the Model View Options, it's always been there as long as I can remember

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And activate tool + CTRL-A is select all elements of that tool.

CTRL-F is activate Find & Select dialogue.



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