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Are you sure you want to quit dialogue when pressing escape

Good morning people!

I am not going to extend this post more than it has to be, so I will ask simply:


How hard is it to insert a dialog box into the Curtain Wall, Railings and Stairs editors, so I (there is a masive suspected WE out in the ether) will not have to swear each time I exit accidentally out of it by pressing ESC?

I have, personally, NO knowledge of modelers that do not live with their pinky on that famous button, especially when frustration rise because of files getting laggy and the model gets to be beautifully complicated... How hard is to put a small dialog box there? 

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Barry Kelly

I have moved the post to the 'Wishes' forum, because that is what it is.

Also given it a more meaningful title and the 'QA' (Quality Assurance) label that it should have.


This wish could probably apply to all dialogues when the ESC button is used to quit instead of the dedicated 'Cancel' button.

If ESC is pressed, then a dialogue pops up to ask 'Are you sure you want to quit?'.

Of course this will need an option to be able to turn this off (or back on), as I am sure many would not want this to always pop up if that is why they use the ESC key.


The twitchy ESC finger is an Autocad (Autodesk) habit I find.

Having never really used Autocad, my finger is usually nowhere near the ESC key.

But I will vote for your wish.





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Thank you Barry,
All good on the move/edit post.
I respect moderation on forums.
I like the "disable option" to accommodate everyone’s workflow and habits.
I haven’t used Autocad since my student years and I am on ArchiCaD since version 7… It could be that the assessment of a particular software user habits is correct…
There are many styles of work, but if this raises some curiosity amongst users, let’s have a pole both on my wish and a funny “get to know each-other” one on the ESCAPE compulsive use 🙂 
AC 7-26 (current 25/26)
iMac 3.6 Ghz 10Core Intel Core i9 / 12b GB / AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB / Ventura 13.4