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Assigning Licenses on BIMcloud as a Service - Show where licenses are used


New to the forums so hopefully I post this in the right way, I couldn't find the answer elsewhere so I figured here was best. Will there be a way to tell where licenses are being used from the Home Tenant Manager? This addition would be most welcome. Currently my company works on about 12 SaaS servers and every day I have a user asking me why "failed to reserve a license, contact your administrator". Many of these appear to be failed closures of Archicad still running as a background process (from a crash or just not completely closing, I'm still figuring it out) that needs to be force closed before the user is able to work on another tenant server. I usually end up loading up the BIMcloud manager on my browser and logging in to every server they might have been working on to see if there license is still being pulled there. 

I understand as a consulting structural firm, we are not the priority client, but I'm having a hard time understanding the limit on SaaS ID usage. If you're going to limit it, give the administrator a manager that allows you to at least see where that license is going to. I lose hours of work over this, opening and closing managers in my browser trying to find where the user is logged in. SaaS was supposed to be the better option, but the freedom of BIMcloud Basic is much better for workflow with outside firms.