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Associative Labels Highlight

Dear Sirs, regarding the associated labels, there is no indication on screen where the associated label belongs to when the associated object is selected.
The associated label can me moved at any place on drawing and selecting it or selecting the connected object does not give us any indication that these two objects are connected together.

Please I would like to ask if when either selected, would be possible to highlight the connected objects together?

Kind regards,

Good suggestion. +1

This GS link makes it even clearer why it is needed...


The ability to reassociate labels is excellent news, but as can be seen from the video clip, the label text updates whilst the arrow remains pointing to something completely different. It would be nice if the arrow changed to point at the new association click point, for now though highlighting the associated object is probably the easier option to implement.

Admin: Any chance of changing this to a poll?
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In AC22 if you hover over the label and press the shift key the associated entity is highlighted. I never noticed it in AC21 if it was there.
Apple iMac Intel i9 / macOS Sonoma / AC27UKI (most recent builds.. if they work)
It is very nice that you mentioned the shift key solution, it is really very helpful and a very nice way for the moment.
Many thanks.

Barry Kelly
No actual need for the shift key.
This just speeds up the process and pre-selection highlights the label instantly along with any associated element.
Without the SHIFT there will be a delay that the length of which can be set in the Work Environment.

TIP: this works exactly the same for dimension nodes as well.
Hover your mouse over the node and the element it is associated to will highlight (and use SHIFT if you want instant highlighting).

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Barry, many thanks for the tips.


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