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Automatic finishes to the zone




It would be nice, if zone could take the informations from adjacent walls, floors and ceilings what concern the finishes. To fullfill the room schedule you need to use predefined "Parquet, Tiles, Screed, Carpet or Custom". In my practise none of the predefined is not suitable. It would be nice, if theese infos could be "changable" to desired text or option set. I know  that if you change GDL it is possible, but its not "user friendly" to change it (for not so experienced user). Also custom is just text field, and it depends on knowledge of the user. Lets take an example where you have 1000 flats, with 5000 rooms / zones. When it comes to wall finish, you need to fill sometimes 1, 2,3 of 4 different "finishes". Then some of the wall finish change its "code" and in the far developed project you have to check a 5000 zones to not make a  mistake. Or in better place you dont have to, but still it very depends on the human who put theese info there. 




There is another workaround, when I prepared new propertie for Zone, where I use predefined options set with multiple options available. With this approach I can more easily change the code of specify finish, but still its time consuming to check all of the finishes. 


So it would be nice if there is any workaround, how zones could pick informations from the walls, floors and ceilings, and automatically fill them to the zone itself, and then it could be scheduable with measurements as well.


Thank you very much, best regards Patrik


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