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2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Automatic rules linked to classification

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We are currently running into an efficiency problem in our office template :
- We have a layer system that works well and let's us easily show or hide elements in 3d and 2D.
- We also have a national classification system linked with sets of properties that woks really well. We use it to do our IFC mapping during export.
- We use the structural function and position properties to analyze our models.

The efficiency problem lies in the redundancy between the three.

If I draw a wall (let's say for this example that my wall tool is not configured with a favorite which would be ideal but is not the case most of the time) I have to give it a layer, a classification and edit it's structural function and position. No big deal but our national classification system already contains these informations.

What would be an amazing time saver (and a real help to easily keep a file clean) is a rule based system associated with classifications.

For example, if you classify an element into C 2.1 Exterior load bearing wall, Archicad would automatically put the element in the corresponding layer, give it a structural function of load bearing and a position of exterior.

It could just be an optional feature that can be use for a few classifications only, for all the classifications or not used at all.

As a BIM manager, I would absolutely love something like that and I think the idea of rule based attributes should be investigated by Graphisoft.
If you want to make us more efficient, then let's tackle real productivity issues in BIM workflows. This is one of them.


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Hi Johan,

It looks like a job for my already sugested "Property Filter View Option" in the "User Interface Wishes" section. (Perhaps it is in the wrong section... )

You can find it here:

What do you think?



This Idea is Just AMAZING ! 

i wonder if this kind of solutions can be developped as a plugin or not ? 

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sounds like a great idea.  Question, coming from someone who doesnt use clasifications much:  would having an interface where you can easily map  layer>clasifications and viceversa in the same way as the organizer be of help? im imagining an interface which would alow to break down to the element level so you can assing clasifications based on the criteria you mention either by level or by element and check them visually.