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Hello everybody.
I have an huge wish (at list I think so).
I wish that construction elements (walls - slabs - roofs etc.) were visible on more than just home story. Best way will be similar to Objects but more advanced. There should be drop down list button - similar to layers - where you open window with option to choose, what story you want the wall (ex.) to see on, and how (some options, like "nonprintable"). Additionally Windows and doors should have the option, what story you want to see it on. This would help a lot with balloon frame walls for example. (personally I see much more use for that).

I think it would be really good if elements just had a cutplane in plan, since plans are supposed to be "cut" at 4'-0" above the floor. Then you could just draw walls, windows, curtain walls, etc. as tall as needed and cut them into stories.
Tom Waltz

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i think we are looking at AC with the eyes of Autocad.lets forget this way of looking. we are architects, just think what would you do if you wanted to build on site.tell all you want to say to the crue to AC. done. what is the need of this wish,what is the output?

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What you mean what is the need ? I have that kind of situation almost with every project.
-Foundation walls - I want to see them on Foundation Level and on Basement Level
-Ballon frame walls - I want to see them together on all stories where they are. If I will make partial wall on each story then my calculations are messed up, ''cause I don't know the real height of wall - so I don't know what is the real length of studs I need.
Is that not enough ? Luckily we can do that with stairs, but imagine you would be unable to do that ?
Hope this better explain what I have in mind.
BTW I'm not ACAD user, I don't even have big experience with ACAD, and definitely I'm not ACAD lover. I don't see what part of this wish is ACAD like ? There is not even stories option in ACAD.
To TomWaltz:
Sections are actually AC stories.

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