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Better GDL people, vegetation library objects


We all know that in Archicad the people and vegetation gdl libraries are outdated.

I would love to see an updated library of posed photorealistic people and vegetation objects with MVO functionalities for optimizing the poligon numbers and the representation styles in 3D and 2D.

These objects play a huge role in architectural visualization, because people or figures who show up in renderings offer the sense of scale for the buildings.

Please develop a good solution, a creative approach regarding the visualization of these objects in the future versions of Archicad.


Also I think it would be a good idea having an option to populate scenes automatically with people. For example I'm thinking of a checkbox for seating objects if user wants to have a seating figure on it or not, and select the posed style.


I found a good article regarding the importance of the peoples in architectural proiects.


After all we are designing for the people aren't we?

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Given the polygon limitations within AC I doubt that any realistic people or vegetation will be coming from GS anytime soon. Modelport is very good at importing high poly models along with their textures but it will bog down AC very quickly. My residential architectural models have generally around 500k polygons and a good quality car I brought in with Modelport was 1 million polys by itself! The .USD format used by Twinmotion, Unreal engine or D5 Renderer is far better suited to high poly environments. Archicad is a basic modelling tool. Asking it to do more than that never turns out well!

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I would not limit the wish to poligon numbers. I don't want to have verry detailed models. Certainly it will be a challenge to bring low poly models wich still look good and suits well for representation purposes in architectural models. I think it would help the daily work for architects to see some figures in early stages. So some updates in this regard would be welcome, because what we have now it is not good enough, and at this time Archicad does not offer possibilities to see some good quality figures and vegetations only if we switch to an external software.

I agree. Yes, AC cannot and should not compete regarding high-poly/photo realism but there is certainly a need for improvements even for use in concept/volume or documentation/BIM. I would say that it is more of an issue for vegetation but it would be nice with some variation in poses for people.


Regarding vegetation it is about both how it is configured and how it appears.


- Ideally one object should be configured to represent the different types of trees and level of detail. Perhaps even a separate tool for vegetation is needed.

- Vegetation should have separate and improved MVO control. Being able to control both the general display mode (primitive/mesh/detail) and specific settings for each mode such as number of polygons, densities and resolutions.

- Hedges should not be based on modules but rather polyline segments. Hedges are akin to walls rather than objects - we should definitely don't have to put separate endcaps...  

- It would be really nice with a scatter/randomise function that can be used to model larger areas of vegetation.

I find the simplified form of Enscape assets more useful then the GS objects for medium level of detail. It would be nice to have something similar natively.     



We can absolutely build these. I have already built one that looks like the one in the middle of the screen, see this thread:


I should be able to build all of those without too much difficulty, but I can improve on the conifer...

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