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Better control of default design option


The default design option is set to main model when opening a view where the current default is inactive. This becomes quite an annoyance when working on multiple options concurrently as it first forces the user to keep track if the default changes or not and if then reset it to the correct option. Otherwise elements will be added to the main model instead of the option. 


Although the problem is obvious the solution is not. Having a prompt smilar to when trying to create an element on a hidden layer would be rather tedious, having default option saved as a view setting would run into issues with multiple option sets in addition to the added management.


This is a drawback of the shortcut approach taken by GS where design options just adds more of complexity for the user to manage without bringing much to the CAD/BIM table. Design options should be about distinct states of the model (as outlined here) and not about about separation of elements within one state. For the latter we already have layers and it should be noted that enhancing layers with the functionality of design options rather than introducing a new feature could have achieved the same result but with the bonus bringing a substantial increase in efficiency for the layer based workflow which GS is determined to stick with.


I don't think that the pipette tool is a solution. It would still require action from the user (keyboard and mouse) to reset the default and in addition to that the user would have to keep track on which design option elements belong to in order pick it up and then there is the issue with picking up design option, layer and renovation status at the same time and that it would have to be done for each element type. It's more efficient to just reset using the palette.

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