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Bring back 'drag to generate script' from 2d symbol window to 2d script in GDL editor


In versions 26 and earlier, 2D script could be generated from elements drawn in the 2D symbol window of the GDL editor. In version 27, this function is not available within the GDL editor environment (not to be confused with the generate button from the floor plan). In developing library parts, it is typical for working geometry to be generated in the 2D symbol, dragged from the 2D symbol into the 2D script to generate the desired code, and then left in the 2D symbol for reference at a later date. While this can be achieved by copying the 2D symbols to the floor plan and using the new 'Generate 2D/3D script from floor plan', this new function has elongated our workflow. I find that most scripting is done 'on the fly' so having a consolidated environment for 'sandboxing' kept our project working environments clean.


My request is to reinstate this drag-and-drop function within the GDL editor. A button to 'Send selected 2D geometry to 2D script' would be a great outcome but reinstating the old methodology would also suffice.


GDL editor - drag to generate script 

@Barry Kelly 


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Barry Kelly

When we get a new feature such as 'generate script from plan', is it necessary to remove the old drag from 2D symbol window that worked perfectly well for what it did?

Sure, it was limited to 2D lines and polygons, but they are also a basis for many 3D forms.

And as wilson83 mentioned, the 2D symbol window is a great place to store information for future use.

Yes, we can copy to/from the floor plan, but that is all extra steps.



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