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Calculation Units VS Dimension Styles on tags(labels) and schedules

Vinicius Lima

Oh my lovely GS-gods!

I know that you talk about this... Come on guys... It'is a must!
Two ways:
1. Migrate the Calculation Units to the Dimension Styles panel;
2. Or give us the option of setting "Working Units" in the ViewMap (schedules including) if there is an big-giant-problem to doing way-1;

Labels/Tags with autotext following Dimension Styles shouldn't be here in whishes, actually should be in "bugs" sessions to fix WHY tags follow Calculations Units.

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Mats Knutsson

Crucial! I was just going to post about this but did a search before and saw your post :). Creating schedules for our mix of arch (millimeter people) and landscape (meter people)... Saving the schedule with a Dimension Style...dream...

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