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Calculations need to upgrade: wish for an excel-like scheme


I often need to calculate the total amount of zone areas and compare it to some max area. I can sum zones using schemes but there is no way to do the comparison. I need this to be done automatically, not by manually typing the result to a text. I wish that Graphisoft would upgrade massively the functionality of schemes and provide us a excel-like scheme.

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Karl Ottenstein

There are 13 and 15 year old wishes for this...(and many more)...


and the Roadmap "Idea Pool" includes this wish as "Calculations in Interactive Schedules":


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This can easily be done via the Python API and has been demonstrated here by several people with different approaches. Mostly using Zone areas and custom properties. As to Graphisoft's promises for "Calculations in Interactive Schedules", I remain skeptical that anything useful will be provided other than a minimum calculator. Seems like a long time to wait for nothing significant (years away?)? Note: that Graphisoft has not bothered to even solicit any input on this feature and i doubt that they ever will


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Personally I prefer exporting schedules to excel and manage all data there, you just create a masterfile and link your exported schedules folder to it, 

Once you make changes on your file, excel will update all data, 

Excel have great calculation options, conditional calculations, diagrams, manual inputs, statistics, 

Graphisoft will add calculation option for schedules but it woulnd not be very advanced, 

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