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Circular anything

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I have brought this up in the past but I am now finding my issue a detriment to my work. In the attached picture it shows a round wall, actually one half of it. If you look at the picture you will see that there are many many precisely placed windows. Because the wall is split into two halves it requires that I first place the windows in one half and then repeat on the other half. It wouldn't be too much trouble if one could mirror just the windows but AC doesn't allow that, the user must also mirror the wall. In my case I had to put in the interior walls before the windows and if I just mirrored the wall and windows I would lose the relationship between the inner walls and the outside wall. If on the other hand the circular wall was a single continuous circle I would only have to do one window set up and then do a multiple or multiply copy. No extra work doing one side and then the other. I have heard the story that a complete circular wall can't be done because the start point is the same as the end point. I don't by that anymore. If every mechanical CAD available today can make complete single element rings there shouldn't be any reason why AC can't do it. To make a circular wall all it needs is a center point, radius, a start point,  direction of travel and the number of degrees to travel. The end point is created based on those data. Thus the end point is at 360 degrees of travel. If make a circular wall that is less than 360 degrees the wall is a single element. What I wish for is the capability of AC to create single element circular walls


Hey, you are probs already well across this but I do a lot of training and creating openings is not always well please ignore if you do know this; but for those that dont know


To place an empty dummy opening ie in this case

1. Copy the same window around the arc so it appears on the other side of the circle but in the exact same position ie 2 items in exactly the same pos.

2. Change the id to not be included in schedule ie dum op etc (dummy opening). This also allows discerning the between them as its easy to get lost otherwise

3. Open the dummy, alt click on the thumbnail in the dialog, which will suck up major parameters

4. Select empty opening and alt+ctrl the thumbnail to create the identical opening. Unfortunately doesnt give feedback to tell you have done it ok


Now, in the case of the sliver wall, size and copy as needed so it only fills above and below the openings


hth someone 😉


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