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Classification of composite walls by skins and exploding composite walls and complex profiles

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Dear Developers,

Archicad is lacking the ability of classificate composite walls by its skins make it very difficult to use classification in it and also make it very difficult to develop and use a product based 4D/5D BIM software since there is no option for classificating those building materials separately which are involved in composite walls. However Archicad is able to do such an IFC export where composite walls are exploded into skins, after the explosion , these " skins" are not defined as building elements ( for example walls ) any more, but as objects, if we reopen them after such an IFC export in Archicad. The option of exploding composite walls and complex profiles would be very handful in other cases as well. We would very appreciate if you could work on this feature in the future. Thank you for it in advance!
Erwin Edel
No poll option, but this is essential.

You are left with having to draw layers of composites seperately and use empty windows and such. It is a lot of work!
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

Windows 10 Pro
Adobe Design Premium CS5
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Yes, this would be great! This should also give the option to graphically overide a single skin/part of a composite wall.

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I'm not sure what you would like to achieve.

You can export IFC with layers. For example, you can see that AC Building Materials are converted to IFCBuildingElementPart named with AC name - (In my case it's in Polish - Żelbet means Concrete). So for calculation in should be good input (if you want to calculate quantities, not in AC). For scheduling, I suppose you will use IfcTimeSeries property.

It's not layer based but in terms of AC workflow. Internally for checking model you can filter Building Materials with Graphical Overrides and visually check model. Schedules usually dose trick aswell. Actually, I usually keep layers to a bare minimum since there arent so reliable in AC since you cant override setting bylayer like in Autocad.

What I would suggest for developing are more model display options. Definitely at least 1-2 steps more to Core/Finishes/Others. Also, It would be handy to display everything without the core.
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