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Collapsable folder levels in Navigator, Organizer


I would like some little arrows up top that would allow me to open/close (they would probably be used almost exclusively for 'close') project map, view map, layout map, publisher levels in Navigator, Organizer. With long lists of nested items this should speed up navigation by a lot. 

In reality what I would really wish is the option of something like the columns view in MacOS Finder but that must be difficult so. 


this is an awesome wish. something i would pay to upgrade for.

Ive been trying the option click functionality, something I had forgotten and only recently re-learnt.


I understand your request as more control equates to better faster outcomes but I have big folders too in my projects but I try and keep the structure as efficient as possible. Reduce the qty of nesting folders in the tree and organise folders with codes may help in the interim. I find i can collapse and dive in and out of folders using option click quite comfortably if its two folders deep.


The other thing i find is that on my laptop due to screen real estate, organiser/navigator offers very little size so navigation is a nightmare. On my bigger monitor 32" at 4k resolution its less an issue because i can have so much open at full expand. 


The complex solution may not be the best route, I try to think outside the square lots and to me it's a GUI software design problem. lots of little pallettes and docks to click in and out of. Why not let us have the entire work screen such as a tab to use where as you say we have folders similar to how macs work on finder or windows in explorer or multiscreen arrangements like apple spaces windows desktops etc. its the forever constant scrolling of the mousewheel to slide up and down through list but thats just an issue with computers in general.





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