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Complex profile with Air Cavity (contour lines)


Is it possible in a complex profile of a composite Wall to create an air cavity (material ‘air’) and when you look at the Wall in 3D the air cavity has no contour lines, just blank. Even when the wall-cladding is higher/lower than the cavity.

oh…and the Wall has different parameters for height and width of the different skins. So everything is parametric. 



the part of the wall that has the cavity slider door in it would need to be a complex Profile






Remember to connect the stud fill and the cavity fill when using modifiers or only the fill connected will change when using the modifier











as long as the walls have the same surface inside and out then you will not see the join in elevation


you can tell the wall not to show ends where they join so they do not show in floor plan as well if you have errors.




or you can create a cavity sliding door that creates the wall hole correctly in plan and 3D.


I hope this helps

I am up to page 4,152 of Archicad 27 Reference Guide, (Bluebeam Connection), but i got to read it all 😞
don't tell 'em i cheated by reading the last page first to see how it ends 🙂
Barry Kelly

Not that I am aware of..

The only way I know not to see the cavity in 3D is to not have a fill (building material) for it at all.


You can hide the lines in section.




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also, the use of "Air" fills can wreak havoc with IFC translations. Air is a very special fill - to be used intentionally and carefully.

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Hi Barry,


too bad, that’s exactly what i thought. Wouldn’t it be great to have a feature that hides the air cavity in 3D. Please add

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