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2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Composite walls


It would be better BIM if wall skins could have Sub-Skins...

In a wall composite we can now only tell the story about what is happening in the wall core with words in the name of the wall core skin and with the fill we assign to that skin... such as 2x4 Wall with 1.5" Batt Insulation and 1.5" SprayFoam  Insulation. It would be better if we could subdivide the wall core into all of the parts that are inside of the wall core??
Core = 2x4 wall framing

            1.5" Batt Insulation
            1.5" Spray Foam Insulation

            1/2" Air Space

If we could subdivide a skin we could more easily account for and Quantify exactly what is inside of each skin and the section fills for the internal parts could actually grow together and a realistic way.

It would also be nice if we could add other features to the composite that help describe the other things that are included with the wall such as acoustic or fire sealant and other what not. I have figured out how to hack all of this by adding items with zero thickness, but there are some issues to doing this. It would be nice is the composite editor was more robust in how we describe a composite assembly. In really complicated wall skin situations it is all but impossible to get composites to grow together correctly... If we could break composites up into finish sections for each side of the wall and a wall core we could get the parts to all grow together with much less effort, but then we would need a way to create a wall assembly out several wall composite definitions.

It is really hard to get complicated composites to grow together correctly.




Gary Ford
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