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Consistency in basic shape 2D settings


Hi, I'm modeling ductwork with some Archicad basic shapes. I tried using the MEP Modeling tools, but found it a bit unwieldy. I'm trying to get the ducts to show with consistent fills, but the 2D settings for the basic shapes have inconsistent 2D options. Specifically, the elbow and elbow tube elements use the contour pen as the 2D foreground pen instead of having a separate option for foreground pen like many of the other basic shapes. This is limiting when I'm trying to get all of the ducts to show consistently in 2D and 3D. Anyone else?


As it turns out, even if I open the object library part and add in the omitted "Fill Foreground Pen" setting, the element still uses the contour pen as the foreground pen...strange



Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 10.44.43 AM.png