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Create a specific tool for trees and vegetation




Trees are not objects. May be a specific tool for trees and vegetation could be interesting and will avoid this confusion.

These trees should be defined by species, corresponding to a regional library, and have more specific features that objects doesn't have :

- A realistic shape corresponding to its species, with an algo that makes each one different.

- Automaticly following the level of mesh.

- Roots under this level. (as an option ?)

- A realistic 4 season evolution. (Let me say we also need a "snow" option for renderings)

- Possibility to cut or dress the canopy or keep the natural shape.

- 3 ways of locating them on the model : single, as a parametric row (distances, mix of species, variability...) as a parametric "forest" covering a surface. (See how it works on vector works.)

- And may be the possibility to define it's age, or date of seeding, then make simulation of growing during some years.



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What confusion?


1. AC is not designed for the polycount a good tree would bring... RIP those XFrog trees... Objects can be scripted to randomise given a set number of parameters though given how dynamic you are asking it to be, it would probably be a pretty heavy object... Though Param-O probably makes this lighter?


3. An object can be designed with this if need be though it is a lot of extra polygons for little gain...

4. An object can be scripted to use a custom MVO to toggle between seasons.

5. Have no clue what you mean by this.

6. Do you have a link for this? A quick search just turns up forums posts asking if and how...

7. Not sure how this would be possible in AC.


Beyond all of this, would it not be better to be doing this in a program more suited to the polycounts involved, such as Twinmotion, Lumion or Max? Though the Twinmotion and Lumion tree libraries are a bit limited and are enclosed.




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For question 5 : this is what I mean :

Is should exist a parameter for choosing this kind of shape. Something like a cutting box.

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Étienne - AC 24 - France