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Create wall type,

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Hi all,
I am hoping to have some kind of tool to create a "wall type", just like the one that creating a "line type".
see attached of creating "line type"

I am sure this would be a useful tool creating row of posts by using wall tool, rather then multiplying posts on the drawing model.

line type.jpg

Barry Kelly
But then they wouldn't be posts.
They would be a single wall with holes (gaps) in it.
You could do that now by multiplying a wallhole object along a wall.
The same as multiplying the posts so no saving of time/steps but they would all be linked together.
But you can also group your posts.

And the other downside is Archicad can't handle a dashed line - starts and stops with the gaps at times.
I'd hate to think what it would do to a wall.

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for example, I am trying to create a series of punga fence (with out gap in between), it is easyto create a linear multiplying posts, but in some area, it would be hard to locate posts (punga posts) on curve line, so that was why I have this idea of "creating wall type" to achieve curve line effect more quickly!!!


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