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Cut Fills in Oriented Views and other regarding problems

Damijan G


(1) how about solving the historic problem of fill orientation in rotated views - in projects where walls are not perpendicular to project (origin) coordinate system (this is even an anachronism - how can a fill be oriented to an origin - origin is a point, right?). There should be a third option that allway orients a floor plan cut fill regarding the Set View Orientation XY axis (or perhaps a Rotated Grid matched with the Oriented View) so that the Fill would look properly also in Oriented Views (and Sections) - i.e. as the Text can.
Problem nicely explained (and still not solved) in an old thread:

Partially solvable with SurveyPoint, North orientation and Survey Drawings oriented accordingly (rather than placed with north facing up), so that the building can allways be drawn orthogonally, but why then have Oriented Views in the first place?


(2) Also connected to issues regarding Oriented Views this old thread has obviously not been resolved:

as we are still consistently experiencing these kind of problems in AC25, 26 (inconsistently however, they seem to appear later after a few Saves and longer working on the project)
Solution seems to be to allways place the elevation and section markers in non-oriented views, however I believe such a "bug" should be addressed...


Thank you for your great work!

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