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2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Debugger - Breakpoint

Frank Beister
There has to be a 'true' value to activate a BREAKPOINT. It can be any value.

It would be helpful to display this value (e.g. in the debuggers window headline), followed by the line number and and additional with number of run-throughs at this point. In large scripts or long loops this would be very helpful to keep the overview.
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Aussie John
yes the scripts have become more complex but the tools have never changed from the first days. Of course there arent any tools
Yes give us some debugging tools
Cheers John
John Hyland : ARINA :
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Yes give us some debugging tools
And tell us, how to use them
- tutorials
- gdl book
- help files
- and all in differnt languages

ok, I know, my wishes are toooo big
Paul King
Even a stepwise debug mode - as object renders in 2D & 3D views, the appropriate line of script is highlighted in the GDL script editing window. User hits <space> to move to next line (or jump to subroutine) and sees updated values for all variables listed to one side for that step & so can track with great accuracy where a script fails
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