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Design Option Manager (27) - Importing a module without the "main model "


Please Graphisoft give us the possibility to import the module without the "main model" this will allow the different disciplines to work on a common project without creating a specific floor, if I choose an "option" then I will be able to uncheck the "model main" if no option is selected, the main model is selected automatically.

this simple option will have a very significant impact on the way we create and manage our modules and above all will allow more efficient work per discipline on a single model, of course each discipline will have a dedicated option which is created and modifiable directly on the floor reference which will of course contain all the other disciplines


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you have explained my wish very well thank you @poco2013  , the solution you propose if I understand correctly is to not draw anything on the main model 😟?  but you know better than me that this is impossible for various reasons, so the simplest would be to deactivate the main model at the level of the linked modul 😉


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@Botonis  thought of this solution of course before posting the request it will be impossible to explain to the collaborators not to draw anything on the main model, this option will follow the iceberg method,and will lead towards a more coherent centralization of data



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Rogerio M

I believe we are facing similar needs when it comes to turning off the main model while working with hotlinks modules. In our company, particularly in the residential buildings branch, we frequently create layout variations that only modify certain parts of the plan.

With the current configurations, we either end up with a plan model where everything is an option, or we have to create another option just to incorporate the main model. This can be impractical, especially when dealing with larger scales, such as a residential complex with numerous variations.


The "Main Model" cannot be deleted or turned off probably because of programming reasons. It is like a default setting that somehow has to be there.

Till the developers find a way to overcome this limitation, it is just as simple to create a "Main Model No.2" or whatever..........

For the moment there is no other way. I don't see that this might be such a big compromise or fuss!!!

I try to move forward fast and take the decision. " The " Main Model" is just a setting for the Design Option. It is just a theoritical state of the software that let's you create several other states at the same time. Consider it as a simple buttom that you will overcome by creating a new one with more options.

The fact that it is still there does not affect the design process or the design options. 

Unless I am missing something.


Botonis Botonakis
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No. The main model is there for conceptual - not technical reasons as it is possible to merge and accept only into the main model and not to other options and as only one design option per set can be active at a time.


Hi @Botonis 

I think the problem with modules and disabling the main template is the risk of having no content in the module, which leads to a problem with the selections in that module

A warning message would be enough

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This solution is a workaround for the time being, as often with new AC features.
For a future (minor) update i wish to have the ability tor disable the main model as a normal option within the AC workflow.

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