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Design > Connect can be expanded for more element types


The Connect tool is different from the solid element operation tool in that the cutoff plane is always the lower surface of the roof/shell. It's useful if the user wants to keep the upper portion of the wall and extend it to the lower surface of the roof.


This principle can be extended for other element types, namely:

- slabs (use lower surface as cutoff)

- stairs (use lower surface of the structure as cutoff)

- beams (use lower surface as cutoff)

- meshes (use lower surface as cutoff)


And various other elements can use this feature, so it becomes in a way a type of solid element operation.


An example where this could be useful is connecting a solid railing with a stair so that the lower edge of the railing ends at the lower surface of the stair structure. (The user will have to have the railing panel go past the lower surface of the stair structure first)


Alternatively, it might be useful to merge this feature into solid element operation but with two new types:

- downward extrusion

- upward extrusion

without the subtraction