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Previously I have used a programme that enables text below a dimension line, eg: room name under dimension. This enables the dimension to remain associative.

Do you know if there is a command to achieve the same and still keep the dimension and room name associative?


Aussie John
Laura wrote:
Also handy to add a descriptor to Elevation Dimensions (i.e. T.O. Wall)...
You can already if you use the "auto text" option. Select the text part of the elevation dimension and choose Auto text and then choose one of the dimension options in the adjacent pull down menu. Add your special text after and you can change the object or wall to hearts content. (assuming you clicked on an editable hotspot)
Cheers John
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Aussie wrote:
You can already if you use the "auto text" option...
Oh wow!!! When did this feature show up? Now if we could just have a line-feed option, everything should be just about perfect. Seems like that feature is impossible to sneak in. Even the PM option (via Notepad) is impossible at this time... unless I'm missing something again.

Laura Yanoviak
You can already if you use the "auto text" option...
I did discover this at some point -- too bad that AutoText is not an available option for linear dimensions -- still need to be able to place the datum (T.O. Wall) on one line and the dimension on another -- LJY.
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