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Drag Slab in Section


In section you can currently "pull" / "stretch" walls & roofs in section, however, slabs can only be edited on floor plan. 

This would be helpful when we are having the use slabs as beams, as there is no polygonal beam/column option. 

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Does Custom profile column/beam work for you?

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Slabs can also be easily edited in the 3D view. Perhaps you could show an example of what you are trying to achieve? 

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I think he meant in the Section/Elevation windows, specifically.


In which case, yes you can edit (just) the slab thickness directly since that is the only attribute that applies in the Section and Elevation window that  allow for editing only in one plane (vertically).


And it also makes sense why you can't edit it  otherwise and in other ways - (as in, the nodes to change the shape of the slab, since the shape is something that's created and defined in plan view (or 3D view) in a plane that's not accessible in a Section or Elevation window and with axes (front and back) that don't apply in a 2D editing plane such as the Section and Elevation windows are.


You can "drag" a slab   (i.e. move it) in a Section or elevation window as well as drag a copy..

But I don't believe that's the issue being raised here.


Walls (and to some extent, roofs) are different in that if te reference line is parallel to the viewing plane of the Section or Elevation window, then it will allow you to "Stretch" it, parallel to that plane, but you likewise can't edit them in that same respect of the reference line is not parallel to your viewing plane or worse still, perpendicular to it.

You can otherwise always stretch the height (same logic as adjusting the slab's or  roof's height or thickness), and with custom profile walls, you can also "stretch" them via their defined profile stretch lines.


So I guess the short answer to his question is yes you can "drag" slabs in Section windows (if by "drag" you mean "move") but no, you can't edit them (via its nodes), - specifically the defining polygonal reference plane to change its shape in Section or Elevation because that counteracts the logic of working in Section/Elevation.

Yes exactly,


Your point about the reference line definitely makes sense,

Fully aware the slabs can be moved / dragged in section / elevation, but not stretched,


This issue is somewhat less annoying with the Shift+F2, select on floor plan - as removes the guess work in bust files. 

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You should look into tapered beams + columns with custom profiles for segments. It's very useful for drawing non-standard beams/colums. Profile modifiers offer you even more flexibility. 

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