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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Post your wishes about Graphisoft products: Archicad, BIMx, BIMcloud, and DDScad.

Drag image directly into 3D window and scale

Just recently I received an email indicating that AC27 is coming (in early stages today) and that Graphisoft was looking for insight and ideas but unfortunately didn't provide a link to send that kind of information. I am hoping this might be the right place. I have several ideas that would make using AC easier for certain requirements. In the work that I do I need to show some context regarding the location of the site.l As an example, I am modifying a golf course and creating a new club house/sports center. Creating the building and sending it to Google Earth is nice but it can't show the course modifications. I have a solution for creating a photo of the course with high resolution. It is easy to place and scale the picture in the 2D tab it is difficult to do in the 3D tab. The best solution requires the user to create a slab or mesh the size of the image. Next the user has to create a picture "fill" and save it to the embedded library. Then it is necessary to create a surface that is one to one with the slab and then override the top surface and select the new surface just created.

Project 1.jpg

The picture show the building location with respect to the modified course. It would be much simpler for the user if it was possible to place the picture directly onto the "editing plane" instead of the effort needed today.


Another idea is to modify the measurement tool so that the user can make a measurement then stop the current measurement and then allow the user to make another measurement without having to restart the tool which I need to do in AC26. Maybe the option to make a measurement, right click to stop the measurement and allow the user to start another one without restarting the tool.


I have lots of other ideas but I need to know if there is a more direct way to pass them on without going through the forums as I am not looking for responses, just forwarding them

Karl Ottenstein

I cannot imagine who sent an email asking for input on version 27, which is already feature-locked and entering testing soon according to the public timeline.  Always time for suggestions for 28 and beyond…


Your suggestions are properly “wishes” and it is best to post one wish per topic…with the subject line summarizing the wish… in the Wishes forum. 👍🏻

One of the forum moderators
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Hello Karl:


Thanks for the move as I couldn't find the "wishes" forum. Just so everyone who "flamed" about getting the email, I would like to say,


This sentence I received from an anonymous forum user, "Can you imagine anyone writing this " You´re invited to help shape the next release. By participating in the Technology Preview Program, you'll help us make AC27 the best release ever" ?", is the same as the sentence used in the email I received. Just makes me wonder. Too bad for me that I didn't keep the email for all to see. Anyway Karl, thanks for the assistance in getting my post to the correct forum.