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Dryers Require and Exhaust Connection

Archicad Washer and Dryer (including the Stacked version) need their connections reviewed.


a) the stacked one needs three (cold, waste and exhaust)

b) the dryer connection needs to be changed from Waste Water to Exhaust.

c) the washer requires Hot, Cold and Waste water connections.


On the Dryers, can the exhaust connection be moveable to either the back or one of the sides? 

Also, there are vented dryers and ventless dryers that hook themselves up to heat exchangers and expel nothing to the outside.






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Operating system used: Mac Intel-based

Think Like a Spec Writer
AC4.55 through 27 / USA AC27-4060 USA
Rhino 8 Mac
MacOS 14.2.1

Setup info provided by author