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Dynamic/linked favorites


This is essentially a repost of this feature:


  1. Allow objects to be linked to a saved set of settings (a bit like layer visibility for layer combos). The settings dialog for that particular object is then greyed out and the user will be prompted to change the settings of the "linked favorite". Doing so will update the settings of all objects linked to that particular favorite.
  2. Allow projects to completely disable non-linked objects so objects have to be linked to a particular favorite as an on/off command. It might make sense to have the enable/disable switch on an object type basis i.e. a project might want to have standardized walls, windows, etc. but not fills or lines. Behavior would be as follows:
  • When placing an object users will then be prompted to choose a linked favorite like Revit does.
  • If there are objects in the project that aren't linked they will disappear (behave as if it were missing) until the user defines a linked/dynamic favorite and links the object to it. There'd be warnings.
  • Pasting in objects from another project would either generate new linked/dyanamic favorites in the current project (if already linked there) or a prompt would appear asking the user whether (s)he wants to save the settings as a dynamic/linked favorite.


One of the big advantages of Revit over Archicad is the ability to have consistent settings of multiple objects throughout the project which can be dynamically changed to ensure consistency.


Yes, the lack of basic features as type-instance functionality for elements and groups sure is strange for a modern CAD/BIM application. Is it too hard for GS to implement or do they really believe that it isn't something that would be used in pretty much every project?

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